Toy Fair 2020: Wicked Cool Toys Enters The Fight With ‘Halo’

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In a fairly unexpected move, last fall the team at Wicked Cool Toys (a recently acquired subsidiary of Jazwares) recently announced that they had taken over the master toy license for the iconic ‘Halo’ video game franchise! Fans were eagerly awaiting more news following the announcement, but sadly were left waiting for news that would never come. Until now that is! This year at New Toy Toy Fair 2020 Wicked Cool Toys was proud to show off their all-new ‘Halo’ themed products and while they said there was stuff they couldn’t even show us yet, we were mindblown because it certainly didn’t look like they were holding anything back! ‘Halo’ is an all-new license for Wicked Cool Toys and there have been a number of other companies that held the license in the past including McFarlane Toys and Mattel, which means that Wicked Cool Toys has some big shoes to fill if they want to make their mark on the brand. Thankfully for fans and collectors, it looks like they have done just that, kickstarting their product launch with a wide array of products for ‘Halo’ fans of all ages (although the game IS rated ‘M for Mature’)! The one […]

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