The 10 greatest episodes of Xena: Warrior Princess

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It’s the twenty-fifth anniversary of Xena, and looking back, our Warrior Princess has had quite a run. Starting in 1995 and airing until 2001, this show was an instant hit. It began the same year as its predecessor Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, yet managed to outlast the show it was born from by two years. It quickly rose to be the top-rated syndicated drama on American TV, and while ratings faltered after six seasons on the air, it still managed to inspire endless tomes of fanfiction and kick-off dozens of conventions around the world.

When people look back on Xena, it’s important to note that very few TV shows focusing on women had ever existed up to that point. The ones that had, like The Bionic Woman, had only been mild successes that were seldom syndicated after the series ended. Xena, on the other hand, inspired a whole new way of looking at television, and it wasn’t long before countless other action shows with female protagonists followed. For this reason and many more, we say, “Here’s to you, Warrior Princess!” with this list of our favorite episodes.

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