Secret ‘TRON’ Disney+ Series Cancelled

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‘TRON’ just can’t get a foot in the door. The groundbreaking science fiction epic has been getting brief spurts of life throughout the past four decades. None of those entries helped materialize a sustainable film or TV series. In 2010, we had the atheistically amazing ‘TRON: Legacy,’ which laid the groundwork for future installments. Fast forward then years, and we’ve had a couple of games and the short-living ‘TRON: Uprising.’ With limitless potential, why is it so hard for Disney to galvanize the franchise? Well, Disney was indeed trying to restart things on the down-low, according to ‘American Crime’ scribe John Ridley was working on something ‘TRON’ related for the streaming service Disney+ until recently. It turns out that the project was not in a state to be officially announced. It is being reported that Ridley was actively developing it to an unknown level of completion, but it is now no more. Since Bob Iger announced his shifting role within the company, the project may have just been one of those things swept aside while the former CEO looks at the bigger picture.   RELATED:  Game Over For ‘Tron 3’ At Disney   The love for ‘TRON’ is still […]

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