Rocky IV Director’s Cut Will Ditch Robot

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The robot in question is SICO, created by International Robotics Inc. In the film, Rocky gifts the robot to his brother-in-law Paulie. Paulie resents the gift, but later in the film seems to warm to its presence, notably after giving the robot an overhaul and a new (and female) voice.

So while Stallone’s dismissal of the robot could perhaps be interpreted as just some dry humor on the director, writer, and star’s part, Stallone took it a step further in answering another question.

“Wow! Cool! Does it expand on the relationship between Paulie and his robot?” (Presumably this comment was meant as a joke, thanks to an emoji at the end of it…and presumably they didn’t see the answer to the previous robot-centric comment).

But Stallone’s response should send chills down the spines of robot lovers everywhere.

“The robot is going to the junkyard. No more robot.”

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