PlayStation Intends to Bring More First-Party Games to PC

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In a recent corporate report about the 2020 year (which is typically as thrilling as it sounds), Sony revealed that they intend to bring more PlayStation games to PC.

“SIE aims to achieve robust revenue growth by accelerating the virtuous cycle that has been established for the PlayStation Platform,” reads a section of the report. “Targeted outcomes include growth in active users, stronger retention, and a shorter cash conversion cycle, from which expanded cash flow can be expected. We will explore expanding our 1st party titles to the PC platform, in order to promote further growth in our profitability.”

That last line is really the star of the report from a consumer perspective, but its meaning is a little more ambiguous than it may initially appear to be. What does Sony mean when they say they will “explore” the possibility of bringing more games to the PC platform. Does that mean they’re not yet committed to the idea? Sony also neglects to mention when these games could be coming to the PC platform. At this point, it doesn’t seem likely we’ll get any more ports in 2020, but could there be plans in place for 2021 ports?

Yet, the most important unanswered question of them all is “What PlayStation games will Sony bring to PC if and when they follow-through with this initiative?”

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