NOS4A2 Showrunner Breaks Down Season 2 Ending and Teases What’s Next

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From the midway point of the season two finale episode, “Bats,” NOS4A2 showrunner Jami O’Brien and the show’s creative team are hard at work preparing for the show’s third season, and possibly beyond. The universe of NOS4A2 is broader and deep; there are whole worlds out there just waiting to be explored. There also remain hanging plot threads from season two just itching to be grasped and pulled.

Maggie’s Magical Mystery Tour.

The final moments of the finale see Maggie heading back to the hotel where she bested the Hourglass Man, and rather than hang out at the bar or go up to the suite, she hops into the elevator and descends into the basement thanks to a tip from her tiles. She’s seen Vic’s Bridge and Charlie’s Christmasland, and now she’s looking to explore the rest of the world of thought.

Said executive producer and showrunner Jami O’Brien, “The novel hints at a much broader world than Vic and Charlie. Joe Hill makes a point of saying in the novel that there are many Strong Creatives and many Inscapes. Some of those folks and places are positive like Vic and Maggie and some are not, like Charlie and the Hourglass Man. I think it would be really exciting to meet more Strong Creatives. We see Maggie going down that elevator; I’m curious to know where she winds up. And I personally would love to see her taking on larger adventures in the world of thought. She, as a character, is excited to do that.”

What little that has been revealed of the greater world of thought hasn’t always been positive. Christmasland was, essentially, Santa’s nightmare. The Night Road and Parnassus weren’t exactly a drive through the countryside to Grandmother’s house, and Abe and Snake weren’t exactly friendly faces. Charlie says that to even make it to Parnassus reveals a darker side to a Strong Creative, and exploring that darker side could make for some interesting, harrowing journeys for Maggie and Vic.

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