Muppets Now Episode 6 Review: Socialized

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Honestly, the best part here is how Joe tries to explain science through legal terms. It seems too dull and straight to work, yet bizarrely comes off as brilliant.

The second segment is “Okey Dokey Kookin’” and it sucks. I’ve run out of new stuff to say about this thing. Marina Michelson is the chef here. That means nothing to me, but it’s something different, I guess?

Oh, wait. There’s something in there where Kermit keeps walking in front of the shot, but that doesn’t actually go anywhere.

What I do want to talk about is “Mup Close and Personal,” this time with Fozzie Bear interviewing Seth Rogen. This one is not only absolutely hilarious, but I’d easily call this the best of Muppets Now’s 24 segments. Without a doubt. This is what I was hoping the show would be.

Strangely enough, the bit centers around my least favorite of the Muppets, the baby Muppets. I don’t mean in the sense of Muppet Babies, but when there are Muppet versions of human babies. Those things always give me the creeps and they seem more annoying than humorous. They’re still creepy here, but it works. The setup is that Fozzie is supposed to be babysitting and the babies keep interrupting the interview. Rogen goes with it, but the babies keep insisting on doing dangerous things, like trying to ingest poison and run with scissors.

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