Madden NFL 21 User Score Controversy Explained

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Much of that venom is reserved for Madden NFL 21‘s franchise mode. For quite a few years now, fans have complained that EA has treated Madden NFL‘s franchise modes as an afterthought that is somehow still missing some of the features included in older Madden titles. Well, Madden NFL 21‘s Franchise mode is roughly the same as the one seen in Madden NFL 20 which, try not to be surprised, was also poorly received by fans.

While even some of the negative Madden NFL 21 reviews point out that the new “arcade-like” The Yard mode is a welcome (but underdeveloped) distraction, the problem remains that EA is still not addressing long-term complaints regarding the complacency which plagues some of Madden‘s longest-running gameplay draws.

Madden 21’s Many, Many Glitches

Granted, “Madden NFL is a glitch-filled mess” is probably another one of those statements that you’ve probably just assumed is a given at this point, but Madden NFL 21 suffers from two general types of glitches which are seen as entirely unacceptable even by this series’ reduced standards.

The first problematic glitch type involves the game’s animation and gameplay problems. While a glitch in a game like Skyrim can often be amusing in its own right, Madden NFL 21‘s animation problems can dictate the outcome of a game. There’s losing a game of digital football and there’s losing a game of digital football because your quarterback starts spinning wildly in place before chucking the ball in the air and mysteriously forcing an interception despite the fact that the ball is now a member of the SpaceX program.

In some ways, though, the bigger issue may be the “pathetic” glitches. From vanishing sidelines to signs that display the wrong year for the game, these problems further the narrative that much of Madden‘s development process is a copy and paste job. We all know that’s not strictly true, but it’s becoming easier to respect the sentiment.

Madden 21’s Aggressive Microtransactions

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