Chosen One of the Day: Bisexuality!

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Please rise for our bisexual national anthem.

Today is Bi Visibility Day and while bi characters still have a long way to go out of the “I’m just not that into labels” box, the bicons of genre have come so, so far, especially in the genre realm.

First of all, there’s our Lady of Perpetual Drunkery, Valkryie. Val loves booze and ladies, and same, girl, same. We got an onscreen canonically out Constantine, getting to love whoever he wants, across the gender and also shark spectrums. We have queer queen Sara Lance. WE HAVE HARLEEN EFFING DAMN QUINZEL AND HER LEAFY BELOVED. We also have Clarke Griffin but we’re not talking to her right now

And there are so, so many more. We are lousy with bisexuals, and may we be forever.

Happy Bi Visibility Day. Cheers, fellow queers. Try not to overdo it, AHEM, VAL.

Credit: Marvel Studios



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