Chadwick Boseman remembered by Mike Colter, Brie Larson, and other Marvel stars

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Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (and cinema in general) were shocked to their core this evening after learning about the tragic death of Chadwick Boseman. The actor — who played King T’Challa in Captain America: Civil War, Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers Endgame  — passed away at the age of 43 after a four-year battle with colon cancer. In addition, he had also portrayed influential historical figures like baseball player Jackie Robinson, musician James Brown, and Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall.

Naturally, social media exploded with an outpouring of heartfelt tributes to Boseman, whom Luke Cage‘s Mike Colter described as “a king on and off screen.” In fact, many Marvel actors, filmmakers, and producers are now posting about the short, but incredibly bright and revolutionary, career of Wakanda’s noble monarch. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, for example, said in a statement that Boseman “radiated charisma and joy” every time he was present on set. “He created something truly indelible,” Feige said.

“This young man’s dedication was awe-inspiring, his smile contagious, his talent unreal. So I pay tribute to a beautiful spirit, a consummate artist, a soulful brother,” wrote Angela Bassett, who played T’Challa’s mother, Queen Ramonda, in Black Panther.

“Chadwick was someone who radiated power and peace,” said Brie Larson (Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel). “Who stood for so much more than himself. Who really took the time to see how you were doing and gave words of encouragement when you were unsure.”

“You were one of the classiest men I have ever met in my life,” added Zoe Saldana (Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy). “It was an honor to have shared minutes with you on screen and to have crossed paths with you during press. Though our acquaintance was light you always left a lasting impression because of your energy, poise and gentle manner. May the Universe deliver you to your promise land brother.”

Read those reactions and more as Hollywood remembers the late Mr. Boseman…

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