Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War Beta Dates Leaked

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The beta dates for Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War may have leaked ahead of an official announcement from publisher Activision. According to COD Tracker and a Reddit post (both via IGN), pre-order listings for Cold War within the in-game storefronts for Call of Duty: WWII and Modern Warfare state the beta for the game will begin on PS4 on Oct. 8.

Activision previously confirmed that the beta will be available on the PS4 “at least five days earlier than any other format.” If the publisher is sticking to that timeline, that means that the beta will hit Xbox One and PC on Oct. 13 or later. It’s unclear at the moment how long the beta period will be on each platform. Traditionally, Activision holds several beta weekends ahead of a new Call of Duty game’s release.

As expected, the Cold War beta will center on the game’s multiplayer mode. Per a press release, the game’s multiplayer offering will allow players to “engage in deniable operations as an elite operative using state of the art tools of the tradecraft across a variety of experiences from small skirmishes to all-out, vehicle-fueled warfare.” Activision will unveil more about the game’s multiplayer on Sept. 9.

Fans wondering whether a battle royale experience is coming to the new game should be excited about the series’ latest installment. Cold War will let players bring all of their progress and items from the Modern Warfare version of the Warzone battle royale mode to the Cold War version of Warzone. Players will be able to continue playing Warzone through Modern Warfare when the new game launches.

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