A.P. Bio Season 3 Preview: School’s Back In Session

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Like many other comedies with stellar ensemble casts, A.P. Bio has evolved a bit from its original premise into a charming, easy-watching hang out show. And that charm continues into its Peacock-exclusive third season, all eight episodes of which premiere on Sept. 3. 

A.P. Bio creator and showrunner Mike O’Brien highlights some of the show’s changes in moving to a streaming format.

“We don’t have to get it down to 21:12 anymore. The length varies. I don’t have to kill one more ‘baby’ that I would have to for that time block on network,” O’Brien says. “We get to go back to a three-act structure as well. Everything builds to one big low point.”

To mark the occasion of A.P. Bio’s streaming debut, we caught up with the cast of the show, and by cast…we mean everyone. First up, we chatted with the “adult” portion of the ensemble consisting of Howerton, Patton Oswalt (Principal Durbin), Paula Pell (Helen Henry DeMarcus), Lyric Lewis (Stef Dunacn), Jean Villepique (Michelle Jones), and Mary Sohn (Mary Wagner) about the move to Peacock, their characters, and their own high school years. We even had time for a rousing game of “TOLEDO or TOLED-NO.”

Patton Oswalt was happy to talk about his character’s, let’s say, questionable leadership style.

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