A Guide to Pet Safety During the Holiday Season

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Lilies, another common holiday mainstay, can be toxic to dogs as cats as well. But the doctors also point out that toxicity isn’t the only hazard presented by plants and other decorations. Anything consumed that was not meant to be consumed can prove to be dangerous to animals whether toxic or not. 

“We get a lot of animals in here that are vomiting or can’t hold food down. They have blockages,” Dr. Ferguson says. “A lot of these cats are very curious. The mistletoe, the tinsel, and things like that, they like to play with them and then they’ll ingest them.”

Oh, Christmas Tree

Of course, the ultimate decoration during any Christmas festivity is the mighty Christmas tree. Christmas trees pose many potential hazards to pets due to their height, ornamentation, and lighting. As one might expect, the ornaments in particular can prove irresistible to felines. 

“The cats will try to get up and bat the balls and everything. They aren’t normally afraid of them, so you want to be really careful with the cat actually tipping over the tree. If you have certain things on it you can probably cause a fire, so you want to be careful with that,” Dr. Hodges says. 

“Even with your lighting, some cats are ‘pawers,’ some cats are biters, so you don’t want your cat to be electrocuted either,” Dr. Ferguson adds. 

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