11 great horror comics to read for Halloween this year

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Joe Hill (W), Stuart Immonen (A)

In addition to launching the Hill House imprint for DC Comics, Joe Hill has had a busy year publishing several stories of his own, including Basketful of Heads and Plunge. The latter, featuring the impeccable art of Stuart Immonen, focuses on a lost ship, the Derleth, which has suddenly reappeared after more than 30 years. With its mix of horror, sci-fi, and monster movie, Plunge feels like sitting through a classic ’80s horror film, complete with terrifying, gross-out moments and edge-of-your-seat thrills.

In January, Hill spoke to SYFY WIRE about some of Plunge‘s influences, including The ThingAliens, and Invasion of the Body Snatchers, noting, “Hopefully, it combines a few elements from each of those while feeling fresh and new,” he said.

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